Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (BATP) is a cloud-based service that provides in-depth defense against ransomware, malware, and advanced cyber attacks. It consists of multiple layers of detection, including signature, static, behavioral analysis-all the way to comprehensive sandboxing to provide accurate detection of a variety of polymorphic attacks. BATP is automatically connected to a global threat intelligence network that gathers threat data from diverse sources around the world, providing real-time protection across all threat vectors.



Modern attacks are rapidly growing in volume and sophistication. New malware strains like ransomware are designed to evade traditional detection techniques and are often propagated through targeted, zero-hour attacks.

According to leading industry analysts, we can expect over 200 new strains of ransomware per quarter through 2023. For attackers, this is a huge business opportunity, and they are just getting started: Ransomware alone will pull in over $ 1 billion in revenue for these criminals in 2017. And while that's great news for them, it leaves many scrambling to figure out how to best protect themselves from these new types of attacks.




More than ever, threat actors are deploying modern malware exploits across multiple threat vectors to gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Email is by far the preferred method of delivery, especially for phishing and spear phishing attacks. In fact, IDC estimates that "more than 90% of ransomware infections are known to be delivered through malicious email attachments.

Users can also be enticed into downloading malicious payloads through social engineering, spoofing, hacked websites, tampered URLs and other techniques. Furthermore, a gateway firewall, by itself, may not be enough with so many workers being mobile and with networks becoming more dispersed.

Remember: A comprehensive security strategy should address all threats across all threat vectors. Additionally, an effective threat protection framework should cross-pollinate diverse threat intelligence gathered across all the vectors. Call now for malware protection! 




To address these challenges, Barracuda has leveraged its decades of experience dealing with advanced malware to build a cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive protection against all types of malware without compromising performance, coverage, accuracy or security.



Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (BATP) is an integrated cloud-based service that consists of multiple layers of threat detection, combined with machine learning techniques. Each detection layer is designed to progressively eliminate threats at different levels of severity and complexity. By pre-filtering threats as they move through the layers, BATP can respond very quickly to any type of attack with minimal delays in the data path and without requiring any compromises to security policies

The layers include:

  1. Advanced Threat Signatures: Barracuda collects threat signatures from over 250,000 Barracuda endpoints (appliances and services across the web), as well as information from honeypots, crawlers, downloads, viruses, malware spyware, email attachments, network, and application data.

  2. Behavioral and Heuristic Analysis: Behavioral and heuristic analysis is a process where the execution of certain programming commands of a questionable piece of code or script is conducted in a controlled environment.

  3. Static Code Analysis: Static analysis consists of examining parts of an executable file without actually executing it. Malicious code writers attempt to obfuscate the malicious code to subvert the malicious code detectors, such as anti-virus software.



As a result or extending protection across multiple threat vectors, BATP leverages a powerful global threat intelligence network that ingests vast amounts of diverse threat information from over 50 million deployed collection points around the world.



Architecting a comprehensive security approach to defend against today's advanced threats is a multi-dimensional challenge. Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection combined with Barracuda's portfolio of purpose-built security solutions provides an easy, economical, scalable, and powerful way for organizations to conquer this obstacle.

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